Assignment 9B: Articulations

Assignment 9B: Articulations


Maintaining your groups of 3-4 students you will design and describe an articulated surface categorized by one of Antoine Picon’s three features of contemporary ornament; Texture, Pattern or Topology. This articulated surface is to be situated within one section of the metal sub-structure in the upstairs studio space (sections will be assigned to each group in class).


                                          Chris Wong 2014

Assignment 9B:

Each member of the group should develop a version of the assignment. You will digitally model this surface as a thickened solid as if you would be 3D printing the final result. Export renderings of your process to describe the steps that were taken to produce the final project. Create a matrix of the images and include a brief description that situates your project within one of the three ornamental strategies. Each Student should post their own surface investigations to their individual blogs.


-Matrix of Process Images: Rendered (simple no context)

-Final design situated in context: Rendered from a minimum of 2 views.

-Description of Project.

Compose all deliverables onto on 20” X 30” board and Post to your Blog by Noon on Sunday November 27.


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