Creating Your EVDA Graphics Blog (Revised)

  1.  go to
  2. select “register” from the sidebar on the rights side of the page
  3. enter a username and ucalgary email address, check I agree and select “give me a site”
  4. put your first name and last name as your website address. Example:
  5. you will receive an authorization email, click on the link to activate your account
  6. after activating, you will receive another email to reset your password
  7. once you have access to your site, go to customize my site
  8. go to widgets – add a widget  – add “recent posts”
  9. there is no need to change the theme or the fonts
  10. to add a post, go to posts under within the dashboard
  11. include the name of the assignment in the title of the post
  12. click on add media to upload your images
  13. reply to this post with your link to your blog (and your first and last name) by Wednesday, Sep. 13th, so we can link it on the main page

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